So here I am at CFUNITED for Day 2. I began the day with the earliest presentation, which had a surprisingly good turnout (considering that the fact that the open bar event took place yesterday night). Unfortunately, I ran out of time before the last two slides could be presented, but I covered all the material I wanted to before the session ended. (If anybody is looking for the presentation, please post a comment and I’ll drop it up here.)

    I followed up my presentation by attending the discussion on “Using Event Gateways with CFMX 7″, which was pretty cool. We were shown an example for using asynchronous messaging to change the songs available on an Internet radio station.

    After that, I hooked up with Sutton Yamanashi and we worked together to build an example of using solid layered design patterns to build a CF application using a CFC model. I approached the problem from the same standpoint that I approach my Java Spring applications, and explained the code as we went. Funnily enough, I’d never actually built anything in CFCs using interface simulation, so I wasn’t sure if it would work… but it did!

    As luck would have it, Jared Rypka-Hauer was sitting immediately to my right throughout the exercise, and happened to be modifying the TeraTech web site as we were having our discussion. Jared was fixing a problem that involved him modifying a DAO (Data Access Object) CFC, so he was able to give us a live example right there. Talk about serendipity…

    The other benefit of this exercise is that I came up with some code that I can use for my white paper on the same topic. In my white paper, I’m going to present the layered strategy along with code in CFCs and Java (both with and without the Spring framework), so that developers can appreciate the similarities and differences between the two implementations.

    That’s it for now. Corfield is getting up to do his presentation on “Enterprise Integration with ColdFusion”, so I’m off to grab a seat.

    UPDATE: My presentation and some associated resources can be found here. It was created in PowerPoint for Mac OS X, so may act a little funky in the Windows equivalent. Please post a comment if you have additional questions or comments. FYI, I left my presenter’s notes intact for additional information.

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