• Adalon on Mac OS X Tiger: Update

    I still haven’t had a chance to test Adalon on OS X Tiger, but I’m pretty sure my friend Jeff in South Florida is using it and hasn’t had any problems. I blogged previously that Sean Corfield was having issues with it, and that I was going to investigate it and post my findings.

    I’m emailing Jeff now, so maybe his response can shed some light on the issue.

    UPDATE: Well, I just tried it out, and it looks like Adalon runs fine on Tiger. I copied my installation on OS X Panther (on my laptop) over to Tiger 10.4.1 (on my desktop), and it ran without issue. I emailed Sean to see if he gets any output to Console when booting Adalon, which might help diagnose the problem. I’m also using the 1.4.2_07-215 JVM, which may be different to Sean’s if he’s using the newer version 1.5 JVM (which I haven’t downloaded yet).

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