• New iMacs

    I just got done watching the streaming video of Apple’s new product offerings, and I must say that new iMac looks pretty bad ass.

    I’m not sure that I absolutely have to have one yet, but you’ve got to admit it’s a pretty impressive line up. You get built-in iSight, all-in-one flat panel enclosure, and that cool Front Row feature, plus of course the iPod Shuffle-esque Apple Remote. Oh, and a Mighty Mouse! Can’t forget the Mighty Mouse…

    But I’m holding out. Why, you ask? I’ll tell you why.

    I waited three damn years for the video iPod. I knew it was coming – ’twas only a matter of time. And now, I will make a similar prediction about Apple’s future direction.

    I think Apple is about two hairs away from putting together a large format, wide screen iMac that goes in the same place in your living room that a plasma TV would now. Think about it: you set it up with wireless keyboard and Internet, throw in an Apple Remote, put a slot-load DVD drive and a massive hard drive in it, and you’ve got an all-in-one multimedia repository. If they can partner this up with some kind of wireless USB and FireWire hub to load your digital media with, I think they’d have a real winner.

    I’ve stated in the past that Steve doesn’t like the idea of the computer in the living room, but that’s all balnoey now that the Mac has become the Digital Hub. The fact that your digital media all goes through a computer is really irrelevant, since most people don’t really do much computing at all in this environment – the computer has really just become a big encoder/decoder with email. Of course, the addition of the ability to read email also satisfies Zawinski’s Law in one fell swoop, signifying the state of near-nirvana that this product would bring to Apple’s line.

    Bring on the iTV, Steve. I’m ready for it. I’ll even let you use the name royalty free.

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