• Video iPods

    So, my buddy Steve hits me up on iChat last night.

    Steve: “Hey Max, you’ve had an iPod since before they were cool, and to tell you the truth I’m sick of it. It’s all dirty and covered in crap. You paid $399 for it at CompUSA way before we even put an Apple Store in Orlando, and it’s only got 10 GB of space.”

    Max: “Yeah, you’re right. Well, you know my rule…”

    Steve: “Yeah, yeah, I know your stupid rule alright. You always said that you’re not buying another iPod until it plays video, right?”

    Max: “Yeah, that’s true.”

    Steve: “Well Max, I’ve got something Insanely Great™ for you to hear. Do you want to hear it?”

    Max: “Can’t… resist… reality… distortion… field…”

    Steve: “Here it is: how do you like DEM APPLE™S?!?!?!?”

    Max: “Me likey.”

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