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  • Jar FUBAR Apparel

    I’ve been inspired by my designer friend Shawn Porter of Regal Studio. Shawn recently started Regal Threads, and his entrepreneurial spirit spurned me to start my own line of geek apparel.

    So far I’ve only got one offering, which has appeared at the onset of my grass-roots marketing campaign to get the “Jar FUBAR” phrase on to the lips of every Java developer on Earth.

    So now, for my loyal readers, I’m offering the chance to be one of the first to own the official “Jar FUBAR” t-shirt!

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  • Jar FUBAR

    You’ve heard of “DLL Hell” – the problem of managing compiled libraries in the Windows world.

    Well, we’ve been running in to similar issues with Java JAR files (which are something of a Java equivalent to a DLL), and from what I can see there are no good industry catch phrases for this phenomenon, so I’ve decided to create one before anybody else does.

    I’m going to call it “Jar FUBAR.”

    I’ll be blogging about this in the coming days, specifically as it relates to ColdFusion and Spring integration, which (as you all know) is one of my passions.

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