• Microsoft Surface

    Finally, Microsoft attempts to do something new and original with their billions and brainpower. The name is a bit lame, but I like the product. Microsoft clearly ripped off a few ideas from the iPhone (like the music album flip), but then both Apple and Microsoft ripped off the MultiTouch user interface in this YouTube video for their respective products. It’s like Xerox all over again: as Bill Gates would say, Microsoft and Apple were like these kids that had a rich neighbor that left his door open all the time… :)

    Also, the entire Surface web site is in Adobe Flash. So, how long before Microsoft starts building their rich content in their own technology?

    I’m wondering if this video is of the pre-release Microsoft technology used in Surface? Maybe Jefferson Han would know. More cool video of Jeff Han in action with his technology.

    I’m also wondering when Apple will release iLick: the world’s first tongue-sensitive user interface. After all, OS X’s Aqua UI was supposed to be designed so that you would want to lick it… what else could Apple have had in mind for the end game?

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