• Why Apple Pisses Me Off

    For years, I’ve maintained the opinion that Apple needs to change their commercials.

    All they need is 30 seconds of video showing a user performing common tasks in OS X. This by itself would bring hundreds of thousands of people flooding to the Mac in droves.

    How do I know this? Because 98% of people at work who look over my shoulder when I’m on my MacBook Pro and say “Wow, that’s cool” end up buying a Mac within twelve months. This takes place with zero prodding on my part; they simply see the Mac in action, get curious, and shell out the shekels shortly thereafter. I can count six people off the top of my head that followed this exact pattern, and I’m sure there are more getting ready to take the plunge.

    The reason is obvious, of course: every Mac comes with an RDF emitter as standard equipment.

    Well, obviously my buddy Steve has finally conceded to my marketing genius. Of course, he’s too proud to admit that he’s not the source for every excellent marketing idea for the fruit company. So, instead of doing it with the Mac, he’s doing it with the iPhone instead.

    It’s okay, Steve. Just pick up the tab next time we meet for lunch, and we’ll call it even.

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