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  • Continuous Integration Book Now Available

    I’m a huge fan of the Martin Fowler Signature Series, and a new book in the series on CI just came out.

    We’ve been doing a lot of work figuring out build automation with Maven and Artifactory, and CI is a natural next step. I really need to catch up on my reading so I can get to this book.

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  • iPhone Games

    Old games have been appearing for hacked iPhones in emulated versions, but the issue seems to be lack of a way to control them.

    My vote? Since the iPhone has Bluetooth, why not figure out how to add support for the Wii-mote?

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  • SEO-able RIAs

    We’ve been discussing search engine friendliness and analytics in Flex apps at work, and they came up in the Adogo BoF for RIAs tonight too.

    On my RSS feeds, I came across an article on making RIAs friendly for search engines by exposing the semantic content of the Flex applications using XSL transformations on the Flex source files. This is an interesting take, especially since it’s true that the search engines don’t really give a crap about presentation; they just want the semantic data. In fact, if HTML hadn’t been so focused on presentation and had a better separation of content from presentation when it was first conceived, I imagine that it would have been much easier to build the crawlers that dominate search engine technology today.

    Read How to make your hot new RIA friendly to search engines for more on the topic.

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  • Inaugural Adogo Meeting a Success!

    Thanks to everybody who promoted, sponsored, or attended the first Adogo user group meeting today. We had about 27 people show up, and it turned out to be a great 150 minute session. We had some attendees from the ORUG (don’t miss BarCampOrlando later this year, which is being hosted by Gregg and Jason from the ORUG).

    We got a ton of great feedback for future Adogo topics, and are looking forward to a special extra event this month on August 21st if we can get the space worked out with the Orlando Devry campus. If you couldn’t make it, Adam’s session on ColdSpring Remoting will be posted on the Adogo web site shortly.

    We’ll see you at the next Adogo meeting!

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