• Build Tool Shootout Tomorrow

    Just a friendly reminder to drop in physically or virtually (requires Adobe Flash) for the build tool shootout tomorrow at Adogo at 7 PM EST.

    Be sure to read the primer before we begin.

    I got all my Maven stuff working, with a little help from Dan getting the CFUnit tests up and running (thanks Dan). Also, big up Adam and Brian for getting the sample app together.

    All in all, this was a very educational experience for me, since I was forced to make Maven to do something it really wasn’t intended for. I was able to get it working, and I don’t feel like my build process is badly implemented or hacked in any way. It does rely on Ant for a few of its needs, but apparently, Dan hooked in to the CFUnit/FlexUnit Ant tasks for his Buildr script too, and I imagine that Tyler and Brian did as well since this is a clear case of avoiding the reinvention of the wheel.

    Anyways, I’m looking forward to seeing it all in action tomorrow and getting feedback from the group. See you there!

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