• Where Are The Images?

    It turns out that the hosting account I used to run my old blog on was shut down. The web host made attempts to get in touch with me, but their notifications must have ended up in my spam filters. Oh well. This web site hosted all of the images and resources linked to from my blog, so for the minute, they are out of order.

    There wasn’t much on my old blog that I really needed, although since it was a bit more personal in nature, I thought I had lost the closest thing to a diary that I’ve ever had. As it turns out, my old web host was super helpful and made all my old files available to me, as well as exporting my MySQL database so I have all my data. The blog was a self-written affair that I hobbled together in PHP (something that shall never be repeated), but it was still nice to get all my stuff back and drop it on a CD for archiving.

    So, what next? Well, I’m thinking about getting a new host, and exporting my Blogger blog over to a Wordpress account. I’d really like to have more of a web site again rather than just a blog, and some of the guys at work have had luck with a particular hosting company.

    If nothing else, this will give me something to do over the weekend, although I recently bought Dawn of War and have been playing that a lot, which might impede my progress.

    Anyway, sorry about the missing images. I hope to be back up to full speed again soon.

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