• Bah Humbug to Flex Frameworks

    If you follow my blog, you’ll know that I am not a fan of Flex frameworks and haven’t been for some time. The more we go down the path of ignoring frameworks in Flex and just writing sexy code that takes advantage of Flex’s powerful architecture, the more we like it. I think we’ll have a good model to share with the world before the end of the year, or at the very worst case end of Q1 2008.

    There’s a pretty good discussion on this going on Corfield’s blog, so I’ll just send you over there rather than repeat my (lengthy) comment. Hopefully Sean won’t moderate it out and it will be there by the time you follow my link.

    Damn it, now I feel like the Simon Horwith of the Flex world… next thing you know I’ll be presenting on the “no framework framework” for Flex at cf.objective()… :)

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