• Meeoww!

    Just ordered Leopard. Apple says they’ll deliver it by 10/26, which sounds a hell of a lot better than standing in line at the Apple Store at 6 PM on Friday to get it. I guess we’ll wait and see if it actually makes it to my house by Saturday or not.

    I almost bought a big hard drive for Time Machine, but I already have a 250 GB USB 2.0 drive I’m using for Airport Disk that I’m not really making a lot of use out of. I figure I’ll start out with that and see how things go.

    As always, the old QuickSilver PowerMac G4 will guinea pig the installation, and assuming all goes well I’ll be throwing it on the MacBook Pro in short order so people at work can drool all over my shiny metallic keyboard while cover flowing the contents of my overloaded Desktop.

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