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  • Build a Team by Having Them Shoot Each Other

    Highwinds had its first team building event for the year at Orlando Paintball. Ken got a bunch of great pictures if you want to see them.

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  • More Press for StrikeTracker

    You know, as a software engineer it’s a real treat to be working for a company that gets positive press for their software; it’s a totally different experience from being part of a nameless corporate IT department in a timeshare company (as I was before).

    “In a separate release, Highwinds announced an update to its StrikeTracker reporting and analytics platform. Version 1.5 of the platform provides real-time analytics, allowing stat junkies everywhere to see how their content is performing without continuously refreshing Omniture. [Ed. note: Like we here at Contentinople do.]“

    Yep – that’s my team’s work. We’re locked in step to release StrikeTracker 1.5 within 30 days and we can’t wait to get it out in to the world.

    The article linked to above also mentions our partnership with Black Arrow. I can’t tell you exactly what we have in mind for this partnership, but I can tell you it will knock the industry’s socks off. As always, I’ll reveal as much as I can as often as I can right here on my blog.

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  • BusinessWeek: The Mac in the Grey Flannel Suit

    More fuel for the “Macs in the corporate world” debate.

    Interesting things to note:

    - Juniper Networks is letting 10% of their workforce use Macs on a trial basis. Their CIO guesses that about 25% of the company would use a Mac if they opened the floodgates.

    - 87% of companies surveyed recently had at least some Macs in their offices, as opposed to 48% two years ago.

    - CEO Scott Kriens at Juniper is quoted as saying: “It’s not anything to do with negative perceptions about Microsoft. It’s just that Macs are cool.”

    - CIO of Dimension Data Mark Slaga says: “Steve Jobs doesn’t need a [corporate] sales force because he already has one: employees like the ones in my company.”

    - The article makes a case that Apple is too secretive to make serious relationships with corporations. This seems like a fair statement to me.

    The funny thing is, the more I think about it, the less I think Apple really wants to be part of the corporate world. This doesn’t mean that they won’t continue to sell computers to corporations; I just don’t think they care specifically about the corporate market.

    The truth is, if they can satisfy consumers at home, they will continue to be successful; the corporate market is just icing on what is turning out to be a very sweet cake for Apple.

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  • Save Uberbot

    Uberbot has to be one of my favorite stores in Winter Park. They sell all sorts of limited edition designer toys, and since I’m basically just a big five-year-old with disposable income, I collect these to decorate my house and my desk at work. Sure, its geeky, but my desk gets more visits at the Highwinds office than any other – not because I’m cool and people like me, but because I have designer toys.

    Well, apparently they have either cocked up their business plan or the rent got raised (or something), but they are having a big sale this weekend to boost their numbers.

    If you’re a fan of all things cool, vinyl, and toy-like, head on over and show your support. They also sell things through their web site so even if you’re not in Orlando, you can get yourself a limited edition gizmo from afar.

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  • Photoshop Disasters

    This may just be my new favorite waste-five-minutes site.

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  • Welcoming Russell Centanni

    After publishing job postings a few weeks ago, I’m very glad to welcome Russell Centanni to the User Experience team here at Highwinds. Russ brings a ton of Flex, Java, and web development experience to the table and we’re thrilled to have him aboard.

    Besides filling out HR paperwork, getting his logins configured, arranging his desk, and starting to set up his new Mac, he managed to contribute to a lengthy brainstorming session for the StrikeTracker roadmap and get Maven automation ready for our Flex builds using m2Eclipse and the flex-mojos plugin for Maven. Not bad for the first day on the job.

    We’ll be publishing the instructions for Flex/Maven configuration on my blog shortly, since so many people seem to think Maven is cumbersome; it’s actually pretty darn straightforward.

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  • StrikeTracker 1.5 Featured on Front Page

    All the hard work is paying off: published a front-page article based upon a sneak preview we delivered of the new features and functionality in StrikeTracker 1.5 (codenamed “Dark Magic”). We are presently polishing off the 1.5 release here at Highwinds, making sure it is as high quality as possible before it rolls out.

    The article speaks for itself, but I can assure you that the stuff we’ve been working on in the short time I have been here is awesome. Between a rotating 3D visualization of the Earth showing the location of traffic being served by the network, to advanced and flexible content protection mechanisms that are easily configurable by end users, to the analytics dashboard I have been working on since my arrival, we have a full-packed release in store (although I should note that some of these new features are already out in the wild due to our simple web-based delivery model).

    The entire CDN and User Experience dev teams have been working really hard on this release, and it shows. If you want to see it for yourself ahead of the official launch around 30 days from now, check out the Highwinds booth at Streaming Media East – and tell them Max sent you! :) Not only will you get a tour of the new features, but Chris, Jay, Josh, Mark, Tara, or Steve will be happy to provision an account for you on the spot (see if any other CDNs can do that) and give you a free 14 day trial of our services.

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  • Google Maps API for Flex

    At freakin’ last. No more having to hover an iFrame over your Flex app using CSS hacks.

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  • Adobe’s Not F***ing Around

    Adobe released a beta of Flash Player 10 today, taking a clear shot across the bow of Silverlight with features like built-in 3D, hardware acceleration, richer text support, and rich media features that are very interesting to me and my team at Highwinds for obvious reasons. Check out the press release linked to above for more info.

    I’m glad to see they are not sitting on their laurels waiting for Silverlight to cane Flex. Adobe has a significant headstart in the RIA space and it is releases like this that will keep them at the forefront.

    One item I would love to see them work on more is Flex Builder. Having used FB3 day in and day out for a month now, it just doesn’t feel polished, but it has loads of promise. That being said, I have been totally spoiled by the bad-ass Java editing support in Eclipse, so I’m definitely biased. Even so, Visual Studio is widely regarded as one of the best IDEs on the planet, so if that’s the environment Silverlight developers will be working in, Adobe has their work cut out for them to make FB just as good. Let’s see what happens to the IDE when Flex 4 comes out (later this year, perhaps?).

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  • flex-mojos Reaches Release Candidate

    Read all about it.

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