• Silverlight Disappointments?

    You know, I was really hoping Microsoft was going to have Silverlight in top gear before the Olympics, especially since this was their chance to get everybody to install the player. With the Olypmics being as popular as they are, this would have been the time to try to get some foothold in the Internet against the Flash player. People I respect have told me that Silverlight is going to be very cool, and I think the competition against Flex will really push Adobe to keep their current dominance of the RIA market.

    Reading this article on Contentinople, it looks like this viewer’s experience with Silverlight (which is a requirement for the video) has been lackluster, with system crashes being par for the course. He didn’t say if he was using a Mac or PC.

    I didn’t bother downloading Silverlight after many respected peers had problems with it on their Macs when it first came out, so I can’t speak from experience. Has anybody else tried the Silverlight player, and if so, what were the results?

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