• Highwinds Delivers a Live Streaming Record During 2009 Inauguration

    While it’s impossible to know for sure, yesterday’s inauguration of Barack Obama is being heralded by many in the industry as the largest streaming Internet event ever. But regardless of its record-breaking status for the CDN industry as a whole, it was a huge day for top-tier CDNs such as Highwinds – in fact, it was a record day for us.

    I can’t disclose the name of our partners who were streaming on our network since we are under NDA, but I can tell you that as I spoke to friends and family about the event, they complained about the video quality of every stream from all the major news sites – except for the one that Highwinds was delivering. Of course, stream quality is entirely subjective and depends on more factors than just the CDN delivering it, but it was gratifying to hear this nonetheless.

    For a little more, you can read Dan Rayburn’s post.

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