• New and Improved – Now with More Orange

    Welcome to the latest incarnation of my blog, which is now hosted on DreamHost and driven by WordPress. I kicked the tires with importing my content from Blogger last weekend, and decided to pull the trigger today while recovering from having my wisdom teeth yanked from my skull on Friday.

    I’d like to give credit to the people with design skills that made my theme possible. After a little digging I found a theme that was pretty close to what I wanted, and customized it a bit with some artwork from Exploding Dog.

    Unfortunately, the new platform won’t make my writing any better; I’ll still be blogging about how much I hate computers and what an awful programmer I am. However, now that I can easily publish some extra pages, I have designs on expanding the site content a little to include my musical/home studio interests, and maybe even some of my white papers and presentations from the past. I hope you enjoy it!

    Oh, and if you don’t get the tagline, just watch this.

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