• Blackberry’s Days as the Fruitiest Phone Are Numbered

    As Tyler Durden once said, on a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero. He was talking about the Blackberry.

    If these numbers are to be believed, Apple is totally killing it in gaining smartphone market share. In a few short years they have reached 30% of the smartphone market compared to BB’s 40%. You know the Blackberry is going down over the long term.

    Having owned both phones, I must say I really liked the Blackberry when I had one, but the iPhone is simply awesome (although in fairness I haven’t touched an updated BB model – the last time I touched one was two years ago). It’s the apps, baby. One thing I can say in positive terms about the BB is that although I’ve gotten used to the iPhone’s touch-only keyboard and can blast out an email in short order, I think I was still slightly faster on the BB.

    AAPL just took a massive hit today, so it’s going to be time to get back in soon before they unleash the iPhone in China.

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