• Possible Fix for iPad Wifi Problems

    There’s a well-known issue with iPad wifi. While I don’t have the chronic wifi problems that I have heard of others having, I did have some issues with my wifi connection being pretty weak from my home router in certain rooms of the house (typically the ones furthest from the router). I have an Airport Extreme base station, one of the newer square models.

    The problem I have had is a one-bar signal when furthest away from the router. This is not a problem on my laptop, so I knew it had to be something with the iPad reception. The low reception can be a pain on the iPad when watching videos and other high-bandwidth activities. Just for giggles, I switched my base station over to 802.11n-only from 802.11g/n-compatible, staying in the 2.4 Ghz spectrum. I’m getting much better connection speeds all over the house now, with five bars in every room.

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