• Greater Orlando Hackerspace

    After I started getting in to electronics and realized that I was only going to get so far on my Make: Electronics book alone, I looked around for maker groups in the Orlando area.

    As it turns out, there’s one right in my back yard in Altamonte Springs: the Greater Orlando Hackerspace. My first attempts to contact them a few months back were in vain, but I hit them up again today after seeing some activity on their blog, and learned that they are still going strong just with a little restructuring taking place. They still have “Microcontroller Mondays” every Monday at 7 PM so I hope to go out there in a week or two to show my Arduinome, and maybe help some other people build one while learning some stuff myself.

    If you are interested in getting engaged, check out their membership page and drop them an email. If you don’t want to join but want to do a little good for the community, please send them a donation for their laser cutter. Any amount is welcomed, but only $10 gets you a keychain!

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