• Speak and Spell Samples

    I was looking for a complete set of Speak and Spell samples to use for making amusing ringtones and such, and I had a surprisingly hard time finding them.

    There are a few sample sets out there, of course. Most you have to pay for (lame) and are in proprietary software sampler formats (just plain stupid). Others you’ll find posted on musician’s forums with links to files that were once on RapidShare or MegaDownload (or any of those other bootleg CDNs), all of which have been purged from existence.

    Well, I finally found a nice clean set of samples with the complete alphabet, a huge collection of words, and the startup tones. They are WAVs. The audio quality is superb. And I’m hosting them right here on my site for free, unadulterated download.

    You’re welcome.

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